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Web Strategy

Web Strategy

Why do you need a web strategy?

A web strategy is all about defining

  • the reason for establishing a web presence
  • what you want to accomplish
  • the measurement of success

So many people decide to get a website and spend a fortune on hiring a designer, without giving much thought about what they want to accomplish with their website, or even whether they really need a website to begin with. The result is a waste of time and money, a general overall sense of disappointment, and very often, a website that gets little or no visitors.

The web strategy will determine, whether a website will be beneficial, and if so, will include the planning process of putting the website together, getting the website marketed, as well as ongoing maintenance of the website.

The web strategy also identifies the roles and responsibilities of the various people involved and ensures that your website doesn’t sit there gathering dust like so many of those brochures and flyers you’ve spent so much money on over the years!

Developing a web strategy may sound complex, but we’ve streamlined the process to ensure that we get through the process with you in a jiffy – making sure that your time and money is spent effectively.

The cost of developing the web strategy is dependent on many factors, and it is therefore not possible to provide you with a quotation here.

Contact us and after we get a feel for your specific requirements and business, we’ll be in a much better position to provide you with a realistic and competitive quotation.

We offer a variety of website services, either as a whole package, or individually, depending on your specific requirements..