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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Spend your valuable time on your business and let us take care of your website maintenance.

From time to time website hosts change servers, change software, or make other changes which can impact your website. Also, company details can change, content that is provided might become outdated etc.

Ongoing maintenance ensures that your website

  • provides users with the latest information
  • continues to function effectively and efficiently
  • continues to work across all newly released browsers
  • uses latest technology effectively
  • content remains pertinent

Website maintenance is a bit like doing spring cleaning, however, it should not only be done at spring time.

Naturally, the maintenance cycle will be dependant on the type of website you have. Sites which run a forum and a database will need maintenance more often than a brochure type site.

Our service includes sending you a reminder to notify us of the changes required.

We charge an hourly rate of R280, with a minimum charge of one hour for once off changes to your website.